Gavin DeGraw apparently just wants to be the guy the ladies give their hearts to.

He shouldn't have much trouble with that once they get an eyeful of this brand-new video for "Sweeter," the second single and title track off the hitmaker's latest album.

So, who's the lovely lady who gets swept away in "Sweeter"?

That would be three-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hottie Genevieve Morton, who's lazing with her boring, not-wearing-a-fedora boyfriend in a Brooklyn bar when DeGraw pops in and whisks her away for a joyride in his Mini Cooper.

Hey, if Jennifer Lopez can tool around in a Fiat, DeGraw can have a whirlwind romance in a Mini.

"Sweeter" will also be featured on E! News tonight at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m., and ABC will have more peeks Monday when DeGraw makes his debut on Dancing With the Stars.

So enjoy the love story right here!

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