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Let the record show: Nobody does TV romance like Shonda Rhimes. Nobody!

And as further proof that you might wanna prepare yourself for the remaining episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice (new episodes tonight), big boss/mastermind Rhimes just dropped this juicy scoop on what's ahead for three of our favorite couples…

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey): "You will see the dream house before the end of the season," Shonda tells me. "Although, we're getting closer and closer to the end of the season and now I'm not totally 100 percent sure how the season's going to end because contract negotiations haven't been finished. So I will say I'm planning on it and I am hopeful we're going to see the dream house before the end of the season." We'll take it!

Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd): "It's going to get darker, people! It's going to get darker before it gets better," Shonda reveals. Say it together now, "Crowen" fans: But whhhhyyyy? "Cristina has gone through tremendous personal growth," Shonda explains. "For me, I was really interested in exploring [how] Cristina is, first and foremost before she's anything else, a surgeon and she's a person of gift. When that happens in men, everyone accepts it. When it happens in women, it's a very different thing. I was really interested in exploring that with that character because there's something really wonderful about this idea of this extraordinarily talented, gifted woman who is unapologetic about her desire not to have children and to have things sort of go her way and what that means when you're in a relationship. It's very complex." Understatement!

Sam (Taye Diggs) and Addison (Kate Walsh): "Things get very interesting. Jake has feelings for Addison, that's very clear, and Addison might have some feelings for Jake, but I think that Sam is always still very close to her heart and their problems don't seem so insurmountable to me. I really feel like Addison deserves some happiness and I'd like to see her get it." If only Shonda could control such storylines and make it happen. Oh wait…

Check out the next few Spoiler Chats for more scoop, including what's ahead for Mark and Lexie, and the possibility of a baby on the way on Private Practice

Also, if you are able to be in Los Angeles this Sunday and would like to see the Grey's Anatomy cast sing live (right in front of your eyes and ears, people!), tickets for the concert benefiting the Actors Fund are still on sale through the Actors Fund website.

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