Melissa McCarthy, Cameron Silver

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From her candid ‘tude to her hilarious one-liners to that infamous Bridesmaids scene, Melissa McCarthy certainly knows how to steal the show.

So it should come as no surprise we're expecting the gal to wow this Sunday at the Oscars and we're dying to know what the funny babe (who's also gotten some flack for her fuller figure) will wear.

And lucky for us, Mel's snagged stylist Cameron Silver for the occasion (did ya know she designed her own dress for the Emmys?!) who spilled some secrets on exactly what kind of look M.M.'s going to rock:

For starters, Cameron, who stopped by the Art of Elysium charity event in Hollywood last night, couldn't help but note why Melissa is difficult to dress (and no, it's not because of her curves):

"She has a very passionate and very educated fashion background. She intended to be a costume designer! She knows her fabrics, she knows her designers, she has an opinion—it makes it harder!"

Smart career swap, Mel! But we're still a little bummed gal won't be sporting her own fashion (à la Emmys) on the red carpet. How fun would it be to see the ballsy babe take a total fashion risk? We're so over the boring look of the Oscars, after all.

But don't think Melissa wasn't involved in every decision for her Oscar gown, Cameron insists they worked together to find the right look:

"Everything's been very collaborative. And it's actually been really nice working with someone who can walk the walk and talk the talk," the celebrity stylist explained.

As for any hints on the gown? Cameron was adamant Melissa will stun in an unexpected look:

"It's her moment. And she's not going to look like she's looked in anything else before. It's going to be a totally different vibe for her."

But what about qualms over her curves on the carpet? After all, Melissa has admitted she could stand to drop a few pounds, but Cameron had no trouble explaining why Mel's such a secure woman:

"Well, look at her career: Emmy winner, Oscar nominee, movie star, TV mogul now…I think she gets to be confident! And she's extremely talented and she's got a man and two kids. She's a woman who has it all."

So since Melissa's certainly got the confidence to back the couture, we suggested Cam shouldn't be so safe:

"We might be taking a risk on Sunday! We have options. I'll know at our 7 a.m. fitting!" he exclaimed with pure excitement.

Which means the dress has officially been picked!

Love! Here's hoping a little gold statue will be her best accessory—best of luck, Melissa!

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