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    Whitney Houston: Her 20 Greatest Highs and Lows

    Whitney Houston John Chiasson / Getty Images

    The tragic news of Whitney Houston's death has everyone asking a lot of questions.

    One thing that no one is questioning, of course, is that this super-talented singer definitely had beyond a hell of a career—with all the ups and downs that come along with glittering and breathtaking Hollywood success. 

    So we're honoring this diva and songstress by celebrating her career and every step she took along the way, for better and for worse. So while Whitney's friends discuss her best qualities, we explore in depth those precision points Whitney will always be remembered for, including the defining moments that made Whitney the tough trailblazer she was.

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    Whitney's most celebrated success of her lifetime was probably the birth of her first and only child, Bobbi Kristina. Shortly thereafter was Houston's sweet sweep at the 1994 Grammy Awards, in which she not only performed but also won Album of the Year for The Bodyguard soundtrack.

    A project 180 degrees to the whack of that would have been Being Bobby Brown, which, if anything, taught us all that sometimes real life (and reality) has more drama than scripted ever could. That, and you could never win if you were to face off with Whitney.

    We told you what we think, but what do you think were the best—and the worst—Whitney moments?

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