Last night, Britney. Tonight, the Biebs.

Reis Kloeckener, whose carefully cropped hair with bangs lying flush against his forehead brought to mind a certain teen pop star, can tell those bullies to suck it.

Because the 20-year-old from St. Louis is going to Hollywood!

"That was so beautiful, you made me cry...You made me tear up and get all crazy inside," Steven Tyler gushed after Reid, who said that he considered dropping out of high school because he was picked on so much, sang "Lean on Me."

Is it too soon to start planning Reid's finale duet with Justin Bieber?

Also plucked out of obscurity tonight were hunky John Keyser, who could barely get through "A Change Is Gonna Come" because the judges kept interrupting with awestruck praise; ex-husband-resenting single mom Rachelle Lamb, who, what do you know, sang Faith Hill's "Find Somebody New"; Ethan Jones, who had a spot of blood on his face from nervously scratching a scab; and Lauren Gray who's in a band with her dad and who dared to sing Adele's "One and Only."

Idol boot camp begins in Hollywood next Wednesday—good luck to all who've made it this far.

Who are your favorites from the St. Louis auditions?

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