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"They are the loves of each other's lives."

It might not have worked out for Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki in real life (the secretly dating duo split years ago and she's now engaged to someone else), but Galecki is convinced the pair belong together on The Big Bang Theory. Along with, ya know, millions of passionate fans. So when is that reconciliation gonna happen?

We caught up with two of our BBT favorites, Galecki and Melissa Rauch for a Bang-in' (see what we did there? yeah, not our finest) love update....

Even though Leonard and Penny are not together on BBT now, Galecki believes they will reunite. "I think they're the loves of each other's lives," Galecki told us at the 2012 SAG Awards. "I am a big fan of [Leonard and Penny]. There's a genuine love there in the cast between us. They're relatable characters, too. And Penny has become such a well-rounded real young woman. And I think a lot of people can relate to it."

Still, don't hold your breath for the time being, fans. There are no current plans for a Penny-Leonard reconciliation and according to Galecki, it might not go down til the series' very last episode.

"I hope they end up together in the very end," Galecki admits. "I really, really do. That's my vote!"

And to the surprise of no one who watches BBT, Penny and Leonard are also the vote of thousands of you, too, in our Top TV Couple bracket-style tournament that is now raging.

As for the wedding on the way, Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) teases there will be more wedding planning and "we're going to be talking a little more about Howard going to space." Destination wedding, anyone? And Rauch isn't so sure the wedding will happen this season. "The writers might surprise us with something. There is so much love between these characters that either way, it'll be great."

Also great: Big Bang's ratings this season, which have rivaled (and even surpassed in certain demos) Fox's Nielsen's behemoth American Idol. Galecki just smiles: "It would not be tactful of me to gloat."

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