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Going to the Sundance Film Festival isn't always as fun and glam as it may sound—and we're not just talking about Tracy Morgan's emergency trip to the hospital.

The Descendants star Shailene Woodley had a return flight from, well, hell.

We'll let her explain...

"I thought I was going to die this morning on the airplane," Woodley said Saturday at the Producers Guild Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. "I was coming back from Sundance and the turbulence was nuts.

"The plane literally went back and forth and up and down for a half hour and people were puking from motion sickness," she continued, adding. "Women were breathing into bags and crying hysterically."

Woodley, who stars on ABC Family's The Secret Life of an American Teenager, said she tried to calm down and wait it out by listening to Bon Iver.

She said of the shaking flight, "It was gnarly."

Sure sounds like it. Glad ya made it home safe and sound, Ms. Woodley.

And in time to make it to the the Producers Guild Awads. The 20-year-old starlet looked fab in a Valentino mini-dress and Sergio Rossi heels.

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