Rachel Crow's elimination from The X Factor last week will probably go down in reality-show history as one of the most shocking ever. Not only because the 13-year-old was a favorite to win the competition, but Crow's reaction to the news (dropping to the floor and sobbing) broke the hearts of the viewers, the judges and the remaining contestants.

E! News caught up with the final four acts, Melanie Amaro, Marcus Canty, Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene, to talk about Crow's emotional exit and what viewers can expect from tomorrow night's show...

Canty, who was in the bottom two onstage with Crow during her elimination, tells us it was extremely difficult to watch his fellow contestant be ousted from the competition.

"Everyone knows she's always smiling, always happy. So to see her on the ground, it couldn't feel good for anyone watching," he says. "It doesn't matter how small your heart is, it had to feel bad seeing her on the ground like that, which I would have never wanted to see. I was trying to go after her and pick her up because there's no reason for you to be crying."

Krajcik says "everyone was sad to see Rachel go" and calls her "a great kid and an incredible talent." He also tells us that the final four contestants were consoling her after the show. "We just wanted to let her know how much we cared about her and how excited she should be for her future," Krajcik tells us. "Her future's going to be very bright."

Amaro, who spent a lot of time with Crow as they are both mentored by Simon Cowell, says she "comforted" Crow by telling her "she can't let this bring her down or make her stop doing what she loves, which is to sing." Like Krajcik, Amaro says Crow is going to have career no matter what. "She's only 13, so she has a long time to fulfill her career. She will have a career in singing because she's a really good singer."

Rene echoes his fellow contestants' sentiments, telling us, "We gave her as much support as we could: gave her hugs, rubbed her shoulders and telling her that this is just the beginning because it is. We just support her 100 percent."

While it was sad to see Crow go, the show must go on, and the final four talked a little bit about tomorrow night's show, where they are performing songs selected by the public.

For three weeks straight, Canty has found himself in the bottom three and was saved twice by the judges and had more votes than Crow when last week's elimination was decided by the viewers after the judges' deadlock. So what's his game plan to avoid the bottom three this week? Cater to the ladies!

 "I can be considered the ladies' man," he says. "I'm singing the love songs to the ladies, but this week is especially geared towards the ladies!"

To hear how Krajcik, Rene and Amaro are feeling about the songs the viewers chose for them, watch our interviews with the contestants above! Then head to the comments to tell us who you think will win The X Factor!

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