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And the 19th season (yes, really!) of The Amazing Race comes to its exciting conclusion!

The CBS reality show broadcast its season finale tonight, and one of the three remaining teams won the million-dollar prize (and bragging rights, too!). 

The finale came down to three couples: Jeremy andSandy, who are dating, Ernie and Cindy, who are engaged, and Marcus and Amani, who are married. 

So which couple crossed the finish line first? 

Meet the winners of The Amazing Race's 19th season: Ernie and Cindy, the engaged couple from Chicago!

The finale started off in Panama and sent the teams off to their final destination: Atlanta, Georgia. 

While Ernie and Cindy's road to victory started off a little rocky (Cindy had trouble with the flight simulator), the duo quickly caught up at "The Dump," aka the home of Margaret Mitchell (the author of Gone With the Wind). Up next was the Road Block, which required using an old-fashioned typewriter to type out their next clue. 

From there, Ernie and Cindy took off to Turner Field as their clue (44-715-74) had to do with legendary baseball player Hank Aaron, who broke the home run record at Turner. At Turner Field, Cindy completes the memory challenge pretty quickly and the couple heads to Swan House to win the million-dollar prize.

Jeremy and Sandy came in second, while Amani and Marcus finished the race in third. 

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What did you think of The Amazing Race's finale? Do you think Ernie and Cindy deserved to win? Sound off in the comments!

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