Channing Tatum

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Seriously, how much do we love Channing Tatum?

And it's not just because he has no problem getting naked for the cameras.


That certainly helps!

"He's great," says Michael Sucsy, the director of The Vow, Tatum and Rachel McAdams' upcoming romantic drama. "He's fully committed to doing whatever it takes. And if that means taking his pants off, well then…"

In the film, Tatum plays a husband whose wife (McAdams) loses her memory after they're in a horrible car accident.

"There was one time I got called to his trailer," Sucsy said at The Trevor Project's Trevor Live! benefit. "I had never been called to his trailer so I was like, 'What's going on?' Tatum says, ‘I just heard from wardrobe that I'm shirtless in this scene—isn't that kind of gratuitous?' And I said, ‘Yes.'...Ya gotta keep the fans happy."

Even if one trailer shows Tatum butt naked, the movie remains modest with a PG-13 rating. Clint Culpepper, the head of Screen Gems, the studio that's behind The Vow, recently screened the movie for his young niece and some of her friends. "They went crazy for it," Sucsy said. "They were yelling at the screen and they were crying and laughing."

But it was Sucsy's gay friends who really encouraged him to go for it. "They were like, 'You have to write a scene where he's naked,'" he said.

We'll be seeing a lot of Tatum without his clothes on in the coming year. His upcoming studfest Magic Mike was actually inspired by his prefame life as a male stripper.

Now we want to hear from you. Excited about The Vow? Chime in below.

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