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It's not a true Gossip Girl cliffhanger without a car accident and a main character in danger!

Yes, the CW show had its third car accident, which put fan favorite Chuck (Ed Westwick), whose father died in a season-two car accident, in jeopardy. Also in jeopardy? Ivy's (Kaylee DeFer) place on the Upper East Side (and in the Rhodes/van der Woodsen family after she outed herself as a fraud. 

Here are the top five shocking moments from Gossip Girl's fall finale...

1. Chuck and Blair's Road to Happily Ever After Hits a Snag: Or, you know, a wall. Too soon? Blair (Leighton Meester), who starts off the episode torn between Chuck and Louis (Hugo Becker), decides it all really comes down to her child. If Chuck can love Louis' baby, she'll be with him. Obviously, this is TV, so Chuck didn't tell her the truth when she asked him this question and suggests she stay with Louis. Thanks to Dan (Penn Badgley), the two come together at Charlie's party, and Chuck confesses he'll love Louis' baby as much as he loves Blair. Cue Chair fans crying tears of joy! Before they can get to the kissing, a Gossip Girl blast is sent out revealing that Chuck and Blair are at the party together. Ruh-roh!

In their limo, Blair tells Chuck she loves him and could never promise Louis she would never leave him because Chuck is the one she never wants to leave. As the two make plans for their new family, the paparazzi surround the car, which leads to a horrible accident. At the hospital, we learn Blair is awake and responsive while Chuck...is not looking too good. Of course the big cliffhanger is whether or not Chuck will wake up, but considering he's survived a bullet wound, we're sure Mr. Bass will survive this. The condition of Blair's baby is still a mystery, but judging from the promo, it's not looking good.

2. Ivy's Outs Herself as a Fraud: Oh, you didn't really think Ivy would get away with her little identity switch forever, did you? Oh, you did? That's sweet. We remember our first TV show. After spending the entire episode worrying about Max selling her story to the press, Ivy/Charlie finally cracks at her big party, sending Gossip Girl the blast about Chuck and Blair in an attempt to have the party crashed by the paparazzi and then canceled. After learning of their accident, Ivy is overcome by guilt and finally spills her big secret to a shell-shocked Rufus. Before she can confess to the rest of the gang, Lily receives the bad news about Chuck and Ivy slips away and calls Carol to let her know she's leaving. Dun-dun-dun! 

3. Tripp Becomes a Villain? Gossip Girl, stop trying to destroy our love for Aaron Tveit by hinting he may have attempted to kill (or hurt) our beloved Nate (Chace Crawford). Tveit is made of puppies, rainbows and candy canes and we refuse to believe anything else! Still, Tripp was pretty pissed about losing his grandfather's support, which was now being given to intern-to-editor-in-chief-in-five-minutes extraordinaire Nate. It seems like Chuck and Blair mistakenly got into Nate's limo, which was leaking! Was Nate supposed to be the accident's casualty? We can't wait to find out. 

4. Dan Sacrifices His Happiness for Blair's: With four simple words ("It wouldn't [matter] to me") in response to Blair's worry over Chuck being able to love Louis' child as his own, Dan broke our hearts. We have to give major kudos to Penn for this episode because he was phenomenal. Seriously, the man is at his best when he's opposite Leighton. Still, Dan wasn't done making us love him yet. When a distraught Blair says she just wants to be happy, Dan literally leads her straight to her happiness: Chuck. Yes, Dan sacrificed his happiness for Blair's. Unrequited love, thy name is Dan Humphrey. 

Also shocking? How blind Blair is to Dan's feelings for her at this point. Several times during this episode, Dan made it pretty obvious how he felt about her and Blair remained completely oblivious. Is she choosing to ignore the signs at this point or is she so wrapped up in her Chuck-Louis drama that she's too distracted to notice? The mind reels...

5. Jack Attack Is Back! Um, we have no idea what the hell was going in in that scene at the end where Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington) calls Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley) to let her know about the accident. We just know that Uncle Jack always brings the drama and fun, so we give that plot twist a "Wheeee!" rating.

What did you think of Gossip Girl's fall finale? What was the most shocking moment for you? What do you think Diana and Jack are up to? Did Tripp try to get rid of Nate? Sound off in the comments!

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