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Pippa Middleton

Nick Harvey/WireImage

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Royalty apparently runs in the family—but seriously, did Pippa Middleton really think she could be photographed at an ice-skating rink and not get called an ice princess?

True, she's no princess (heck, Kate doesn't even have that title) and from what we can tell, she's not icy, but the Pipster nevertheless did her best to make visions of sugarplums dance in the heads of all of those who attended the Tiffany & Co. Skate at Somerset House in London last night.

So who accompanied this newly single 27-year-old on the ice?

Don't get too excited—her doubles partner was of the strictly platonic kind, as she attended the event alongside a female friend, who made the ice rounds with her holding hands to balance each other out.

And credit where it's due: not once did Pippa fall on that famous derriere of hers. As if she couldn't make us feel any more inferior.

See, what did we tell you? Ice princess.