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Revenge Star Gabriel Mann Teases "Terrible Things" and Same-Sex Surprises

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Gabriel Mann, Revenge
Gabriel Mann, Revenge ABC/COLLEEN HAYES

Confession No. 1: We're obsessed with ABC's Revenge. Like beyond the point where revenge has become a verb for us and we threaten people with red Sharpies if they piss us off. (Hey, we all have our faults.)

Confession No. 2: We're also obsessed with Gabriel Mann, the breakout star of Revenge, who plays internet billionaire Nolan Ross.

So you could imagine our excitement when we got the chance to speak with The Mann (pun fully intended) himself and he spilled some juicy info on a potential romance between Nolan and Emily (Emily VanCamp) and the "terrible things" in store for Nolan...

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 "I know, I'm like the Revenge slut or something!" Mann says with a laugh when he point out that he has chemistry with every single person on the show—male and female.

"It's like, since he's a three on the Kinsey Scale, he could potentially be with anybody on the show and he's a very lonely guy so all anyone has to do is be kind of nice to him," he explains. "It's great because it opens up a world of possibilities that this character is able to go in any direction at any time and we are going to take full advantage of that and that will be really fun for you guys to see how that plays out."

As for Nolan and Tyler's hookup in the last episode, it shocked Mann just as much as it shocked viewers. "That was really exciting because neither Ashton nor I knew that was coming," he says. "One of the most amazing things was the only negative comment, at least as far as I know is was that they didn't show more. People wanted to see more of that kiss and I thought, 'Wow, it really is 2011!' This is a different discussion than people would have been having 10 years ago."

Mann assures us that there is "much more Tyler and Nolan to come." Ooh la la!

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It's no secret that a lot of fans are rooting for Nolan to hook up with our main revenge-stress Emily/Amanda and we had to know if Mann was down for the two characters hooking up or sees Nolan as more of her annoying little brother begging to be invited to the cool kids' party.

"I love playing with both of those conventions because there clearly is a lot of energy between the two of us and I think that can go in a lot of directions. Whenever somebody hates you too much it usually means they have deeper feelings for you because nobody bothers to hate you unless they actually feel something," he explains. "So I wouldn't say there is a dose of hate there it's more like they're constantly pushing each other's buttons and seeing how far we can go and expect the unexpected because it can go in both of those directions."

One thing Nolan has over Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Daniel (Joshua Bowman)? The fact that he's the only person in the Hamptons who knows who Emily really is. "I think there is something really interesting about the way she can let down her character, her public persona, when she is around him and be a little bit more rough-edged and tough because that it a little closer to what her real personality is considering the history that she has come through before she got to the Hamptons." 

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Finally, Mann told us something during the interview that caused our hearts to race and palms to sweat: "Terrible things happen to Nolan, I'd love to tease those even a little bit further, but yeah, there is a lot in store for Nolan coming up." Prayer circle for our beloved Nolan Ross in the Watch with Kristin offices after tonight's episode. Rocking two polos with the collars popped as a show of your support is preferred.

Revenge airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Would you like to see Nolan and Emily hook up or do you like their current dynamic? What terrible things do you think are in store for Nolan?

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