Green Is Universal - Nov 2011

Whether you're an anchor on the NBC Nightly News or a government-hating department head on Parks and Recreation, Green Week is something close to your heart.

Just take Brian Williams and Nick Offerman, for example.

Each of them took the time to sit-down and explain why being friendly to Mother Earth is so important, and the different ways they stay green—even if it's a little unusual—in the latest Talking Green Behind the Scenes.

While Williams professes that he keeps it old school and recycles, Offerman explains that he runs a "furniture operations" store and only uses salvaged or recycled wood. He also has an interesting way of keeping warm.

"My wife and I wrap ourselves in bubble wrap when it gets cold. Sometimes we use a layer of lard, or other animal shortening that's been harvested in a green fashion."


The longtime news anchor shares that back in the old days, newsrooms were strictly made out of porcelain, but now they have used the extra porcelain from to make "Green is Universal" mugs with just the right amount of "drippy lip" to get fluid down front of you. Awesome!

But there's a lot more where that came from, and ladies, if you've been dying to see Offerman in his skivvies, now's your lucky chance.

Watch the clip for more hilarious Green Week tips!

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