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Looks like we have our first partner-on-partner romance of the season! Except, well, you might be disappointed at how long this one will last. (Hint: Do not blink.)

Backstage at Dancing With the Stars tonight, we chatted up the cast about said "love," this season's first perfect score (J.R. Martinez got a 60!), and we also heard from a very outspoken contestant who's urging the judge to have a "backbone" in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial and send Conrad Murray away for as long as possible...

That outspoken contestant, naturally, is Nancy Grace, who told our Ted Casablanca a few months ago that Conrad Murray "should have been charged with murder one." So how does she feel about the guilty verdict handed down earlier today? "I agree with the verdict in the sense that he needs to be convicted," she told us. "I disagree with the charging decision, as I have said from the beginning. He should have been charged with murder with a syringe to the knee as a murder weapon. He should be doing life behind bars. I only hope that the judge has the backbone to make sure Conrad Murray stays behind bars for the full four years, which is a pittance of what he should be convicted of and sentenced to."

On a lighter note, J.R. Martinez had nothing but positivity to dole out, after the judges deemed both of his dances perfection. "I really wanted to get the first perfect score of the season, but I had no idea I would get the first 60!" he told us. "We had a lot of momentum going into the jive. I set the bar high for myself and was able to show the judges what I can do. And if we make it through, we'll go right back into the studio to rehearsal. For me, I have to go back to work. We can't take anything for granted."

Less thrilled was Derek Hough, who insisted "Our jive, it felt better than three 8's. I need to watch it back, but I was surprised by that." Partner Ricki Lake only cared that their waltz was well received, because "It was one of my favorites of the season. I felt like I did a really good job. I am so in love with this guy!"

Wait a minute, isn't she engaged to someone else!? Of course. So she had to clarify: "I was so in love with him for the 90 seconds that we did [the dance]!" Wow, that's a quick romance even by Hollywood standards. And Derek and Ricki are already prepping for the hard road ahead: "Next week is going to be so hard with the three dances, we have to go rehearse right now!"

Do you agree with Nancy Grace that Conrad Murray should be sentenced to the fullest extent of the law? Should he have been charged with murder one? Sound off in the comments.

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