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    "Roly-Poly" Jennifer Garner on Kid Costar: "She Would Take Me Down"

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    Jennifer Garner, Yara Shahidi
    Jennifer Garner, Yara Shahidi Jordan Strauss/WireImage

    Jennifer Garner is certainly not a chick to mess with.

    Hello, haven't you seen Alias? Or Elektra? Or any of the handful of flicks where she's kicking ass and taking names? But in her new movie Butter, which we caught at the AFI Fest presented by Audi, Jen has an opponent of a different variety:

    A kid.

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    "She's a worthy adversary. Look at that kid," Jennifer told us when we asked her what it was like going toe-to-toe with noobie Yara Shahidi, instead of her usual buffed-up competition. "She would take me down right now. It wouldn't be that hard today; I'm pretty roly-poly, but she can do anything, this girl."

    What the heck is up with all these women talking about children (or babies, in Nikki Reed's case) beatin' them up? Oh well, at least it's providing for some serious LOLs.

    Oh, and for the record, the gal and girl do get into some heavy sparring on the big screen. And it's hilarious in all the right ways—mostly because Jen, who plays a bitchy conservative Midwest trophy wife—cusses just as much as she prays.

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    And for the roly poly bit? Jen was indeed sporting a particularly round baby bump as she strutted down the carpet in a short, blue dress and killer black, strapped high heels. Kudos for the mama-to-be for staying super sexy throughout her trimesters.

    Beyoncé would be jealous, we're positive.

    And it seems Jen is prepping her mommy mode, too, because as soon as she started talking about Yara, she couldn't stop: "How about her face? Don't you just want to eat her up?" Jen cooed.

    Ugh, gag us. But on second thought, Yar is pretty friggin' adorable.

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