Never say never.

That's what Justin Bieber sang Tuesday on Dancing With the Stars, and that's the attitude five contestants should be sporting after learning that they were safe after yet another elimination.

After a tough Monday show during which the judges handed out no 10s and both Rob Kardashian and Hope Solo out-scored J.R. Martinez, the oddsmakers' choice so far, we weren't sure what to expect tonight.

So, after tunes from Bieber and a touching performance from 17-year-old Victoria-Rose, a ballet dancer who didn't let a brain tumor keep her off the stage for more than a few weeks, it was time to stop being nice—and start getting real.

More like surreal!

David Arquette and partner Kym Johnson were eliminated from the show tonight—meaning both Nancy Grace and Hope Solo (yes, we get that the judges like her, but we don't know what they're smoking, either) are in the final five.

With so few contestants left, there was only a bottom two tonight, and Nancy joined David in the ignominious red spotlight, but justice wasn't served.

And though we were seething, David handled his ouster with his usual good cheer.

"This whole thing has been incredible, I've loved it," the actor said. "But there must be a mistake, because this is my show. I can't go home!"

Oooh, snap, Maks.

"I'm just kidding!" David laughed. "I came here to learn more about myself, face my fears, entertain people and give America a chance to get to know me better—and learn how to dance!"

Mission accomplished. We bet daughter Coco is super proud of her papa.

So, Hope, Nancy, Rob, J.R. and Ricki Lake make up the final five. Next Tuesday, Cirque du Soleil will perform a number from its Michael Jackson tribute show, The Immortal World Tour.

So, what do you think of tonight's elimination? Sound off in the comments, please!

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