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    The Hunger Games Posters Hit the Net: Who Looks Best?!

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    Elizabeth Banks, Hunger Games poster
    Elizabeth Banks, Hunger Games poster Lionsgate

    Happy Hunger Games day, Jabberjays!

    While we've totally been in Breaking Dawn mode, gearing up for the impending Twilight premiere, our other favorite franchise decided to drop a box office bomb today. And we mean the good kind, in the form of tons of character posters (check out Elizabeth Banks Effie, thanks to EW.com).

    And it wouldn't be a work of The Capitol if they didn't make you put in some effort for your eye candy:

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    'Cause the posters were spread out all over the net on tons of different sites.

    We've compiled a handy little list to help you find all of 'em:

    Katniss at Yahoo! Movies

    Peeta at Hollywood Crush

    Gale at Moviefone

    Rue at Teen.com

    Cato at MSN Movies

    Haymitch at IGN

    Effie at EW.com

    Cinna at Fandango

    But here's the real question, who's Hunger Games look looks best?

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    We've already peeped Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson in full-on Panem mode, and we still love what we see (hey, Liam, nice tough guy muggin'! We dig it and we're sure Miley does too!).

    So the real question is: How do Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks stack up?

    We say parfait and superb.

    Remember, we were the first to tell you that good ol' Woody nabbed the role of drunkard Haymitch, and while he's looking particularly stoic (and kinda dapper too) in his pic, we can't wait to see him stumblin' and fumblin' and boozin'.

    As for our fave casting of the bunch, Ms. Banks?

    Everybody together now: w-o-w. Liz looks gorgeous as ever and we know she's going to bring that bitchy fire to Effie. We just can't wait to see that pink 'do in its full glory.

    We're also dying to peep a full trailer for the flick, but we'll settle on these sweet posters for today. So now that you've heard our two cents, we want to know yours: who's rocking the H.G. get up and who's a total disappointment?

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