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Halloween episodes are so in right now. So how does American Horror Story, the creepiest show on television, handle this spooky time of year?

By hitting us with a two-part episode full of "gotcha!" scares, sharp plot twists and the great Zachary Quinto. Now that's a combination we can really get behind. We've watched both episodes (the second will air this Sunday), and we wanted to prepare you correctly by answering some burning questions you might have about the episode, including telling you what's in store for the mysterious Tate…

AHS, whose pilot episode was recently crowned the number one series premiere in FX history, has put together a truly intriguing and deliciously creepy Halloween extravaganza that makes for one of the most entertaining two hours of television ever. Seriously, so much happens that we find it necessary to give you a bit of a preview to prepare you properly. Here are some questions we can answer right now:

How awesome is Zachary Quinto in the episodes? Very awesome. So awesome, in fact, that we need a new word for his performance. How about: stupendulous! Zach's character, Chad, and his boyfriend are ghosts, but they're definitely the friendliest ones we've dealt with so far. Of course, he doesn't stay friendly.

Anymore info about the history of the house? And how! We go back to the 1920s again to get more backstory on the original owners of the house. And you remember that ghoulish baby-like creature from the pilot? We find out his connection to the house, and how he got there.

How does Tate fit into everything? Tate gets a big storyline this episode, and there are some huge reveals that make you rethink everything you know about his character. One revelation we kind of saw coming, but another one was totally out of left field, and we can't wait to see where AHS goes with it.

Need even more scoop? OK, but don't say we never did anything for you:

  • Someone dies. Well, that's not new for AHS. But death comes to a pretty major character this time around. And it's both shocking and sad.
  • Vivien gets another clue that something is wrong with her baby.
  • There's a nod to an urban legend.
  • Ghosts, ghosts, and more ghosts! And Ashley Rickards from Awkward/One Tree Hill is one of them. She's wonderfully creepy, and this won't be her last episode.
  • Like we told you last week, Hayden is back full force, and she is very unhinged. Her only wish? To tell Vivien everything.

Can't wait to see every minute of the two-part AHS spectacular? We can't wait for you guys to watch either, because then you can come back for the AHS redux and we can break down everything that happened in part one. Any guesses as to what's going down during Halloween at the Harmon's?

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