Desperate Housewives Cast


If you thought Desperate Housewives was going to save up all their mysteries and reveals for the big series finale, then Eva Longoria is here to drop some knowledge right on your head.

We just chatted with the lovely star of D.H. about the end of the series, and she tells us that the story behind Mary Alice Young's (Brenda Strong) suicide will be solved sooner than viewers expect…

"I think [creator] Marc (Cherry) is going to be wrapping up the mystery before the season finale," Longoria tells us. "So the end of the season will be an ode to everything we've been through."

And damn, have those ladies have been through a lot.

But just because we might finally know the whys and the whats of Mary Alice's untimely death, that doesn't mean that Housewives will stop the intrigue coming in its ninth and final season. "It's going to get crazy," Longoria teases. "Not even the finale, but the midseason [finale], right before Christmas break, is going to have a huge cliffhanger."

Any ideas what kind of cliffhanger we'll be seeing in the midseason finale? Are you happy to hear they're wrapping up the Mary Alice story sooner than you expected? Head on down to the comments and let's talk Housewives.

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