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    Blake or Sandra: Will Ryan Reynolds Pick a Chick Already?!

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    Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock
    Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock Jim Spellman/WireImage; CLINT SPAULDING/PatrickMcMullan.com; Jim Spellman/WireImage

    While Scarlett Johansson turned to her gal pals and twin bro post-divorce, Ryan Reynolds sought comfort of a much sexier variety.

    Ya know, like playing daddy with Sandra Bullock and her son, then moving on to former Green Lantern costar and babe about town Blake Lively. All while keeping smokin' single mama Sandra red carpet-ready, of course.

    So is Ry-guy the most obvious player ever? Or did Sandra and Blake catfight for the bootylicious hunk?

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    C'mon, you knew that Sandra was too classy to battle over a boy-toy, right?

    No, this trio is strictly a duo—and that duo is Blake and Ryan, for the moment. Blakey wasted no time after splitting with Leonardo DiCaprio to sink her tres stylish nails into ScarJo's ex-hubby—and the two have been inseparable since.

    Birthday parties. Early morning apartment getaways. On-set canoodling.

    Blake knows how to lock down her latest eligible bachelor. And Sandy knows that if the trailer is a rockin', she shouldn't come a-knockin'.

    So why was she still sticking around for Ry's birthday party? Ya know, the one we just said Ms. Lively was also in attendance at?

    'Cause she's still pals with Ryan, that's why.

    How friggin' mature of her, no?

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    Reps for all three stars are sayin' nada, but, we suspect Ry—whose signature on his divorce papers dried like a hot second ago—wasn't ready to get so serious with Sandy. 'Cause we do hear that the two were momentarily hot 'n' heavy.

    But, Sandy totally understood the sitch, which is why she was willing to release Ry back into the Hollywood wild. Where Blake happily snatched him up!

    And these two are totally on the same level. Heck, just look at the recent snapshot of Ryan leaving his trailer. Um, forgive us for being so bold, but is Blake looking directly at the paparazzo's camera? What a crafty honey!

    Hey, Sandy, maybe it's time to give another Ryan a call—Ryan Gosling is dying to make daddy-duty a permanent gig, after all.

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