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Dear Ted:
I have this theory: Chord Overstreet was always slated to come in late to the season, and the controversy was cooked up for publicity. Am I paranoid?

Dear Paranoid:
That would be so genius, but we highly doubt that's the entire story this season. Although the deets aren't totally clear, we're guessing Chord wasn't too happy with his small gigs after Glee. Apparently, his likeability factor goes down when he's not singing Justin Bieber tunes—but we're glad he's back! However, your question on the timing of it all is well taken. 

Dear Ted:
You said not long ago that Hollywood suits are interested in working with Lea Michele on movies. I think she is a talented girl and would do great on movies as well. Do you have any news about her on movies? Are there any rumors about casting her on other projects?

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Dear Movie Star in Training:
Sorry to disappoint you, but there's nothing new for Lea on the movie front. Gal's too busy with Glee and her other two projects, New Year's Eve and Dorothy of Oz. But don't worry about Ms. Michele—girl's got talent for days, and we're sure she will have lots of new projects coming her way. Certainly if she has anything to do with it!

Dear Ted:
With all the attention Robert Pattinson gets from fans and the media, do you think he's started to take it for granted? Or is he still appreciative and flattered by it?

Dear Still Flattered:
The best part about Rob is that he's flattered by his celebrity status, but always appreciates his success. He may be as gorgeous as ever, but the dude's grounded. And that's why we totally heart him. Haters, just shut up and accept this fact, OK?

Dear Ted:
Enough is enough. I think it is time to reveal Morgan Mayhem. She does not deserve her problems to be hidden any longer. She is clearly not helping herself or others. Do us all a Vice favor and just call her out for her bad behavior.

Dear Wouldn't It Be Nice:
Trust, I would love to reveal Morgan Mayhem, but I don't think she can handle a reveal. Crazy thing is, Morgan's convinced she's not the one with a problem, and I highly doubt a reveal would put a stop to her awful antics.

Dear Ted:
So what do you think about Robert Pattinson sending Reese Witherspoon some glow clothes when she was hit by a car? Do you think he still has the hots for her? Things are not just the same between him and Kristen after all the Water for Elephants promos with Reese. That woman stole his heart!

Dear Crack-Smoker:
The only problem with Water for Elephants was the pure lack of chemistry between Rob and Reese. The two are friends; Reese is married, end of story.

Dear Ted:
You mentioned earlier that you liked Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof the best on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Where's the love for Brandi Glanville? I felt so bad for her when all the women went "mean girl" on her toned tushie. Hasn't she been through enough with the whole Eddie Cibrian-LeAnn Rimes debacle? I'm team Brandi and I love how she stands up to those ladies and doesn't take any crap. Speaking of the RHOBH, I read a blind item a while back on another site about one of the ladies who pretends to be in a happy marriage but it's really falling apart behind the scenes. Any truth to this rumor, and if so, do you know who it is?

Dear 9021-Uh-Oh:
Sorry, L, but I'm sticking by my love for Kyle, Lisa, and Adrienne. True, the whole Eddie-LeAnn sitch was sad for Glanville, but she's got a fab reality show to help her bounce back! Also, she's just a little too...real. I like the over-the-top gals much better. I could hop over to the Beverly Center and see a million Brandi's—kinda boring. On the rumor front, has to be one of my gals. They're all just too Beverly Hills pimped. Could you imagine being married to all that overly plucked crap 24/7?

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