Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon

Age: 39; March 22, 1976

Reese Witherspoon is not only an A-list star, but arguably one of the most respected actresses working in the industry today.

Which is understandable seeing how as early as 14-years-old, when she made her movie debut in 1990's The Man in the Moon, Witherspoon was already capable of commanding the screen. Add to that her work in the indie thriller Freeway and the dark satire Election, for which she received her first Golden Globe nomination, and it was pretty clear the gal wasn't going way anytime soon.

In 1999, Witherspoon starred in Cruel Intentions, which was not only a commercial success, but the making of the movie also led to love between her and costar Ryan Phillippe. Soon after the film's release, the pair married and later had two children together before divorcing in 2007.

Witherspoon became even more of a household name when she guest-starred on TV's Friends in 2000 as none other than Rachel's little sister, Jill. Soon after, she hit box-office gold with Legally Blonde (and its sequel) as well as the romantic comedy Sweet Home Alabama.

But it was 2005's Walk the Line that sent Witherspoon into the Hollywood stratosphere. Her convincing portrayal of June Carter Cash in the Johnny Cash biopic earned the actress numerous accolades including a Best Actress Oscar.

After her divorce from Phillippe, Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, her costar in 2007's Rendition became an item, only to see their relationship end just over a year later in Dec. 2009. She began dating agent Jim Toth in Feb. 2010 and the couple eventually tied the knot in March 2011. They welcomed son Tennessee in Sept. 2012.

The pair made headlines in April 2013 when Toth was pulled over in Atlanta under suspicion of driving while intoxicated after weaving across a double line, and Witherspoon was arrested for disobeying the officer's orders to stay in the vehicle, according to the police report. Witherspoon pleaded no contest to the charges and paid a fine; Toth plead guilty to first offense DUI.

"It's just completely unacceptable and we are so sorry and embarrassed," the actress said on Good Morning America afterward. "We have to say when you make a mistake you take responsibility, and we are taking responsibility and doing everything in our power to make it right."

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