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Granny may not be too happy about this, but it looks like Prince Harry has taken to life in the colonies in record time.

Having only arrived stateside on Thursday, when he touched down with his fellow Army officers for a two-month helicopter pilot training session in Arizona and California, it wasn't long before the prince—apparently jonesing for a burger and beer—was spotted making the nightlife rounds in San Diego.

Cut to this morning, when Prince William's little bro tried to make a lower profile exit back to his training grounds, with a not so slick attempt at blending in with the locals. Can you spot how?

That's right, it may be tough to make out, but Prince Harry showed his stripes while exiting San Diego's Andaz Hotel this morning, toting his own bag, carrying a waterbottle and accessorizing with none other than an American flag-bearing cap. (Trust us on this one.)

Sure, he may be the standard bearer of the Union Jack, but there's nothing wrong with dabbling in the Star-Spangled banner, now is there? (Besides, if Will and Kate can don 10-gallon numbers with abandon, then surely he can get away with showing off his own headgear-based American pride.)

Way to adapt to your surroundings, Harry. That covert military training sure is paying off.

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