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    Caught! John Mayer Rests Vocals, Yaks With iPad!

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    John Mayer
    John Mayer Fallen Star, PacificCoastNews.com

    John Mayer is not disappointing with his latest shenanigans.

    As you may have heard, J.M. had to cancel some shows and bump his album release date after an unwelcome mass was found near his vocal chords. And trust, we hope he gets better, 'cause we do love the voice behind that headline-makin' mouth.

    But what's the latest Mayer move?

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    Ordering via iPad!

    Tame for him, but still totally LOL-worthy.

    According to a text-savvy source in NYC, Mayer was out on the town this weekend enjoying dinner at Soho Locanda Verde with an unknown couple.

    And for once, he was keeping his loose lips closed. 'Cause he only communicated with his tech.

    "The server said he gives his order thru an iPad when he's on vocal rest!" our fellow diner dishes.

    We have to admit that we're kinda relieved his verbal diarrhea ("sexual napalm," anyone?), at least for now, can be filtered through modern technology.

    But then we got to thinking, why not just have your friends order for ya? Or just point to the menu? Better yet, why are you out to dinner if you can't speak? Must be tres boring for your friends.

    Actually, come to think of it, just looking at old Johnny boy without having to worry about what he'll blab could be lots of fun.

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