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UPDATE: CBS has moved How to Be a Gentleman to Saturday night starting Oct. 15. Rules of Engagement will move to Thursdays with its sixth season premiere on Oct. 20. Long story short: not a good sign for How to Be.

UPDATE No. 2: Annnnd now production has been shut down. CBS never returned our request for comment, but we're guessing you can do the math here.

We all know 2 Broke Girls will live on in all its horse-poop-joke glory, since CBS gave it a full-season pickup.

And now, sources tell me that CBS has decided upon its first fall casualty, which is expected to be canceled today:

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How to Be a Gentleman.

I know. Shocking. I mean, it's not like that show took a truly talented cast and gave them one of the worst comedy scripts in recent memory or anything. Ahem. No, not at all.

Gentleman—a half-hour comedy about a modern-day Odd Couple—debuted to inoffensive ratings, with roughly 9 million viewers tuning in, but has been hemorrhaging a substantial percentage of viewers from lead-in Big Bang Theory. Last night, it was down 7 percent for its second episode. 

CBS so far has not given any statement regarding Gentleman's fate, but a source tells us the cancellation is expected to be announced today.

So now that we know Johnny Drama, aka Kevin Dillon, is probably once again looking for a post-Entourage job, as well as Mary Lynn Rajskub (how about that new show Touch?), what can we tell you about where the remaining CBS series stand?

Person of Interest: Also down 7 percent last night against the Tigers-Yankees game, but still the most-watched new fall drama. Seems Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) really is an impressive man in charge...Who needs Hurley?

Unforgettable: Poppy Montgomery's new show was the highest-rated new drama in the first week of the TV season. However, it slipped 19 percent this week to an audience of 11.35 million. (Don't make us make a pun about the show's title, 'cause we're fighting the urge. Hard.)

A Gifted Man: The critically acclaimed Patrick Wilson series dipped in its second week, dropping 14 percent to 8.1 million. Still decent for a Friday night show in general, but low by CBS standards.

Which CBS series are you hoping will stick around?

(Originally published Oct. 7, 2011, at 1:09 p.m. PT)

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