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    Shania Twain's Alleged Stalker Interrupts Trial...Again

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    Shania Twain
    Shania Twain Jim Spellman/WireImage

    Another day, another courtroom outburst from Shania Twain's alleged stalker.

    After interrupting the country-pop singer's live video testimony Thursday, former physician Giovanni Palumbo was back at it again today.

    So what happened this go-round?

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    Twain testified Friday that while she has "compassion" for Palumbo as she would for any fan, she is extremely concerned about his overly persistent efforts to pursue her, according to the Globe and Mail.

    "I'm torn emotionally because I have compassion for anybody who's reaching out in need—fans often do that...I feel very sad...and awkward having to go through these very personal matters with Mr. Palumbo because it's such an invasion of his privacy," Twain said.

    "I still have the fear and anxiety of being contacted in the future by Mr. Palumbo. And I do want it to stop. And as far as I know, this is the only way to go about that."

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    When Twain went on to detail the contents of many letters she received from Palumbo, that's about the time he went off.

    Leaping to his feet in a wrinkled suit and navy slip-on sneakers, Palumbo shouted, "But I didn't know you received any of them—you understand?" suggesting that was the reason he kept writing to Twain even though she never responded or showed interest in him. 

    "It is very emotional for everybody," Palumbo said. "Please understand I have emotions, very strong emotions."

    Once Palumbo got his wits about him, he reportedly said in a calmer voice that the letters were meant to be seen as "light-hearted." But, Twain was not amused, calling the correspondence "scary and haunting" instead. 

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    During the beginning of his trial Thursday, Palumbo also interrupted the proceedings, shouting (and using Twain's real first name), "Eileen, you can trust me. I'm going to plead guilty."

    Palumbo, who has been in and out of psychiatric care, has been charged with criminal harassment and three counts of failure to comply with court orders to stay at least 500 meters away from Twain.

    Aside from sending the singer numerous letters, he was arrested at the Juno Awards this year after reportedly getting too close to the singer, also attending her grandmother's funeral and even made visits to her family cottage in Ontario (to which he obviously wasn't invited).

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