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Chris Colfer, Michelle Forbes, Sofia Vergara, John Slattery


A show is only as good as its supporting cast. Or something like that. But they definitely have a tendency to steal a show, even in a TV series where they are all considered supporting. Modern Family, anyone?

It's day four of our Emmy Forecast, and today we're covering all the supporting categories, and the comedy race is really making us scratch our heads. Or it's lice. Who's to say? Anyway, we really wanna pick 'em all. Alas, we did award our "should win" and "will win" to only one per category, so come on in and see what you think of our picks…

Supporting Actor, Drama

Should Win: Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones. It's sad that GoT won't get the Emmy recommendation it deserves because it's a little too supernatural-y for most Academy members, but Dinklage was a real standout among a awesome cast and a truly stellar television show. And with the scope and budget GoT had, standing out is no easy feat.

Will Win: John Slattery, Mad Men. Don't have to tell you guys again how much Emmy voters adore Mad Men, and Slattery was consistently spot-on. When you come from that show and you are that good, it's usually a safe bet you'll be winning the Emmy.

Supporting Actress, Drama

Should Win: Margo Martindale, Justified. This FX gem was another show that thankfully (and surprisingly) got some recommendation this year, and Martindale put up the best work of her career as Mags.

Will Win: Christina Hendricks, Mad Men. Christina has been in the spotlight a lot this year, and coming from the Emmy fountain that is Mad Men could be all she needs to be victorious on Sunday.

Supporting Actor, Comedy

Should Win: Ty Burrell, Modern Family. Honestly, he was our pick last year. Although Eric Stonestreet winning wasn't exactly robbery, we still felt miffed on his behalf when Burrell's Phil Dunphy didn't manage to beat that proverbial slippery step to win the category. This should be his year.

Will Win: Ed O'Neill, Modern Family. Someone from Modern Family will be winning, and after Ed's outright snub last year, this might be how the Academy makes up for it.

Supporting Actress, Comedy Series

Should Win: Julie Bowen, Modern Family. She's frazzled, she's charming, she's married to Phil Dunphy. Like Dinklage, Bowen is a standout in a crazy-talented ensemble cast who all deserve Emmys.

Will Win: Sofia Vergara, Modern Family. We have this sneaking suspicion that the voters have fallen hard for Vergara (who can blame them?), and she could win big on Sunday. Who hasn't fallen in love with her since Modern Family debuted?