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Guy Ritchie and his baby mama Jacqui Ainsley may want to closely inspect those flowers Madonna sent over as congrats for their new son.

 If they're hydrangeas, they may not be a gift after all.

The singer apparently has a major problem when it comes to the pretty flower—turns out she's absolutely disgusted by them. As one fan found out...

Madonna, who's never held back when it comes to, well, anything, ever, turned on her acting skills during a press conference at the Venice Film Festival where she was promoting her new film W.E.

A fan approached the singer, who was clad like a nun in black and white with a big cross hanging from her neck, and handed her a big bouquet of hydrangeas.

Nice gesture, right?

Apparently not to the Material Girl, who, although she smiled and said "thank you" to the guy, was caught on camera dissing the gift and shoving the bouquet under the table.

Then she glared at a friend off camera, whom she obviously expected to understand her hatred for the pom-pom flower.

If it wasn't obvious enough after her horrified face and eye roll, Madonna is then heard complaining, "I absolutely loathe Hydrangeas. He obviously doesn't know that."

So the lesson here?

If you want to impress Madonna, send her roses, lilies, or pizza. Anything but those dreaded hydrangeas.

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