The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence

Murray Close/Lionsgate

Hear that?

That's the sound of millions of Tributes and Jabberjays rushing to their computers to gush about MTV's just-released footage of The Hunger Games. Well, we assume most of the Katniss-lovin' fans loved the sneak peek, but we're sure some of you will have plenty to bitch about.

So here's your chance to tell us: didja love it or hate it? Or watch it here if you missed it...




Even though the flick isn't set to hit theatres until March of 2012, the franchise debuted some brand spankin' new footage tonight at the Video Music Awards (well, assuming you don't count the one-second glimpse we got from MTV earlier in the week).

And it did not disappoint. Well, we don't think so anyways.

Holy girl power, Katniss kicks ass!

Must admit, tho', this peep at the flick simply made us crave more, more, more. ‘Cause anyone who's read the books knows that we didn't even see half the bloody biz this star-studded movie is going to pack.

So now that you've seen Jennifer Lawrence in action (But boo! Way to leave out the man candy!), tell us: are you on board with the (formerly controversial) casting? Is the movie your most anticipated flick of 2012?

Or are you still just counting down the days until Breaking Dawn is released?

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