Lady Gaga, Natali Germanotta

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Get your meat dresses and facial horns!

It was just a matter of time before rumors would start buzzing that outrageous fashionista Lady Gaga is creating her own fashion line.

But the "Born This Way" singer wouldn't be doing it alone...

Grazia reports that the superstar is collaborating with her look-alike little sister, Natali Germanotta, on the new venture.

Baby Gaga, as she's also known, studied at New York City's Parsons, the New School of Design, so aside from being Mother Monster's flesh and blood, she's def qualified for the job.

But before you expect to see Gaga's horns and foot-tall shoes hitting store shelves, the mag says the clothes will be "relatively normal and wearable."

That could explain why Gaga wore normal people clothes during her recent stay in L.A.—maybe she was testing them out?

If the rumors are true and this Lady is selling, are you buying?

Tell us in the comments!

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