How dare you ask relevant questions that viewers want to know answers to, Piers Morgan!

Remember Christine O'Donnell, the former U.S. Senate candidate who ran commercials reassuring us that she's not a witch?

Well, it looks like she's not much of a talker, either.

On tonight's episode of Piers Morgan Tonight, O'Donnell refused to answer questions concerning gay marriage and decided to end the interview early.

The political lady was on the show to promote her memoir Trouble Maker, but got bothered when the CNN host started to focus on questions about her views on abstinence and gay marriage.

This resulted in O'Donnell arguing that Morgan should keep his questions directed toward her book by saying, "Let's not even go there," and reminding him that she's "here to talk about my book."

But then O'Donnell admitted those are topics covered in her book, prompting Morgan to ask, "Why are you being so weird?"

The witch Tea Party leader replied Piers was "borderline being a little bit rude," so she got up and walked off, claiming she was "being pulled away" from the interview by an off-camera handler.

Watch the clip to see how it all went down.

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