Recognize the Reveler

Turgeon/Prahl/Splash News

This19-year-old singer and actress usually chooses conservative clothes and has even said she dresses "like a boring old woman."

But check out this getup she rocked during a show in New York last night!

The Disney starlet showed off a lot of skin when she hit the stage in a sparkly bra top and purple pants during a performance at an upstate theme park.

Think you know who's showing us her six-pack?

Selena Gomez

Turgeon/Prahl/Splash News

It's Selena Gomez!

Perhaps boyfriend Justin Bieber's edgy wardrobe choices are rubbing off on her?

He was recently spotted in L.A. rocking a shirt that reads "F--k you and f--k her too!" in an ode to CeeLo Green's hit song.

Kids grow up so fast these days, huh?











WATCH: Selena and Justin's PDA

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