True Blood

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It's a full moon in Bon Temps tonight, which means everyone went dangerously loco.

No doubt B.T. has always had a bit of a mental problem, but with all the possessed Wiccans and evil babies running around this season, its cray-cray scale has increased significantly.

So while Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and his adorable BF were out hunting dark magic down in Mexico, what was some of the Bon Temps madness during the harvest moon?

Tommy and Sam Get a Little Too Close

Make that just Tommy (Marshall Allman), 'cause Sam (Sam Trammell) has absolutely no idea that Tommy has shifted into him for the day, and managed to eff up his whole life in the process. Just like his foster mama, we still can't stand that boy.

Here's hoping Sam finds out about Tom's little daytrip and ditches his bro for good. Unless, like Sam believes, the dude's lifeless already, but we seriously doubt it. Have you noticed that True Blood always likes its characters to play dead for a little while?

Fake dead example No. 2

Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) and his perfect bod def brought the highs and the lows of the evening. Low? Nearly dying. High? Swamp sex.

The true freak out of the night: Bill (Stephen Moyer) nearly killing our beloved Eric. We can kinda understand why seeing as he walked in on Eric and Sookie's (Anna Paquin) little lovefest, but way to scare us, TB!

Luckily, but kinda unbelievably, Bill frees his captive after Eric declares his love for Sookie and, wait for it…they finally get it on! In the forest. During the full moon. Ya, still soaking it in.

Evil Baby? Or Evil Ghost? Or Evil Doll?

It's a big debate, serious. In the beginning of the season, Arlene (Carrie Preston) seemed way sure that her little babe was one of those creepy evil children, but he was just too damn cute to believe it. Now for some reason, girl seems sure that the baby daddy's spirit is the one starting those fires and hemorrhaging those eyes.

But what ‘bout that creepy doll, Arlene? Get that doll away from your baby! Just our theory…

Anyway, what's your take on the evil baby debate? Was the Eric and Sookie moment everything you wanted? And is Tommy really dead?

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