Tom Cruise, Rock Of Ages, Malin Akerman

Warner Bros. / Scott Harrison / Retna Ltd.

If Katie Holmes was blown away by hubby Tom Cruise's role as Stacee Jaxx in the upcoming Rock of Ages flick, wait till you hear what Cruise's costar Malin Akerman is telling us!

The 33-year-old beauty, who plays seductive Rolling Stone reporter Constance in the musical movie, is spilling all the scoop on working—and singing—with the superstar.

And from the sound of it, Cruise may want to quit acting for a career in rock 'n roll...

"It was unbelievable," Akerman told us at the Miu Miu Presents Lucrecia Martel's Muta party in Beverly Hills. "It's kind of surreal, to go in and do, like, a duet with Tom Cruise. We sing 'I Want to Know What Love Is' together, which is sick. So we had a really great scene, Tom and I. He was absolutely amazing to work with."

But how do Cruise's vocal chops hold up?

"You will be shocked," she said. "I kind of wasn't that surprised, because when Tom does something he does it 150 percent. So he really just brought his f--king game and he sounds like a rock star. I'm not kidding. He could be an opera singer if he wanted to. His voice is really powerful."

As for Cruise's superbuff bod, Akerman gushed, "It's unbelievable...Forty-nine-years-old and that's what he looks like. Like, come on, really?!"

—Marc Malkin is on vacation

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