Move over, Andrew ZimmernAngelina Jolie could easily steal your job as host of Bizarre Foods.

In a video shot for Louis Vuitton's Core Values campaign, the actress and brand spokeswoman dishes about her trips to Cambodia, the country where she of course adopted now 9-year-old Maddox and also the location of her first LV photo shoot.

Like a seasoned traveler, Angie tried to expose herself and her family to the Southeast Asian country's delicacies, and in doing so, got her kids hooked on fried crickets.

"My boys love to eat crickets. It's their favorite thing," the mother of six spilled. "They ate them like Doritos."

But alas, Angie put the kibosh on the good eats.

"I had to actually ban the cricket eating at some point, because I was afraid they were gonna get sick from too many," the 34-year-old actress explains. "But they're good—they are like a potato chip."

Other exotic foods Brad Pitt's better half hasn't tried yet are tarantulas on a stick or spider soup.

"I don't know if I can get around the fur," Ange admits, "but you gotta try everything."

Hey, when in Rome, right?

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