Kensington Palace, Prince William, Kate Middleton

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It's moving day at Kensington Palace! But you'd better believe Kate Middleton and Prince William didn't spend the weekend wrapping up their finest wedding china in bubble wrap and old copies of the Sun.

They may be down to earth, but they're still royals, after all.

In any case, this week the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, fresh off their return from taking California, have formally moved into Diana's infamous old digs, marking their first official royal residence as a married couple.

As expected, the couple chose to move into a modest apartment in the Hyde Park-enclosed palace (well, as modest an apartment in a palace can be, anyway), with their new London digs comprised of a two-bedroom, one-bathroom spread. While temporary—and quite cozy—it will allow the couple a small space to entertain.

Not too shabby, as starter homes go.

Like all senior royals, the couple will not be charged rent for the tony digs (unlike their rented Welsh farmhouse), and palace officials say the couple spent their first couple of nights in the space last week before heading back to Wales.

As it happens, the duo will continue to be based in Anglesey, North Wales, while Will completes his Royal Air Force training, but the palace will serve as the couple's home base while in London. Once the royals move down for good, they're expected to increase their staff (bringing their total up, one) and take up residence in a larger space.

Something with a nursery, perhaps?

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