Let's just start at the beginning with this one. Adam Sandler's doing double duty in his latest comedy, Jack and Jill, playing himself (although he's going by the name Jack here) and his annoying, obnoxious twin sister from the Bronx, Jill. Yes, Sandler is now going to the let's-dress-me-up-as-a-woman well for his laughs, and he somehow convinced Katie Holmes and Al Pacino to come along with him.

So is it working? Check out the newest trailer.

We're going to say no. We'll be honest. Sandler's latest "laughfests" haven't exactly given off the impression that a lot of effort went into them (hi, Just Go With It and Grown Ups), but this one might be the flick to beat.

Full of generic, clichéd bits of "comedy" like people saying rude things out loud, Jet Ski's run amok and kids punching adults, we're kind of left wondering if Sandler just thinks, "Eh, whatever, people will watch it" when it comes to his movies. Have we really come to that?

Jack and Jill lands in theaters Nov. 11. What do you think? Does Sandler still have his comedic chops?

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