Carnie Wilson

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Looks like a flashy cameo in one of the summer's most successful blockbusters isn't enough to save a celebrity from economic woes.

That's the lesson Carnie Wilson—who recently appeared alongside her Wilson Phillips bandmates in the funny flick Bridesmaids—is learning, at least. The singer, former talk-show host and ex-Celebrity Fit Club star is now facing serious money troubles.

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And she's about to lose her home.

According to legal docs filed in the L.A. County Recorder's Office, Wilson has apparently defaulted on her mortgage and is at risk of having her five-bedroom, five-bath Tarzana home foreclosed upon and put up for auction.

That is, unless Carnie can cough up enough dough to cover several months of back payments, as well as late fees and penalties that she's racked up totalling $1,625,623.38

And she has until July 21 or her 4,491-square-foot home will go to the highest bidder.

Well, as Carnie and her crew sang in their recently revived '90s hit, "Things will go your way, hold on for one more day."

Or 12 days, actually—but better get busy. Best of luck, Carnie!

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