Guess Who

Robert Marquardt/WireImage

Leave it to this young lady to give us yet another thing to gossip about.

Sure enough, while performing with her band on Wednesday night, a certain teen trainwreck once again found herself derailing into debauchery by opting to get some grinding in with a female fan.

So, can you guess which 17-year-old just loves to keep the controversy coming?






Taylor Momsen

Robert Marquardt/WireImage

None other than Taylor Momsen!

The former Gossip Girl star and the Pretty Reckless rocker was singing at the Razzmatazz club in Barcelona when this little affectionate moment occurred on stage.

Not surprisingly, things didn't stop there, as another gal decided to take it upon herself to grope Momsen's breasts during the show.

Mmm, maybe she was simply searching for some electrical tape. OK, probably not.

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