Big Brother Cast

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Get ready for an extra dose of double-dealing on Big Brother this summer.

The reality series' 13th-season "double trouble" twist features the return of some of the reality series' most troublesome twosomes, playing alongside eight brand-new Houseguests, CBS announced today.

Although the network identified the new Houseguests, the identities of the veterans won't be disclosed—presumably by host Julie Chenuntil the show's premiere on Thurs., July 7.

Here's what we know about the brand-new residents of this season's Venice Beach loft-inspired house.

Adam Poch, 39; Hoboken, N.J.; music inventory manager
Cassi Colvin, 26; Nashville; model
Dominic Briones, 25; San Mateo, Calif.; college student
Kalia Booker, 30; Los Angeles; writer
Keith Henderson, 32; Bolingbrook, Ill.; human resources manager
Lawon Exum, 39; Inglewood, Calif.; legal file clerk
Porsche Briggs, 23; Miami Beach, Fla.; VIP cocktail waitress
Shelly Moore, 41; Prairieville, La.; outdoors industry executive

This summer staple will also see the return of the "Have Not Room," where unfortunate contestants are deprived of luxury and comfort, and the infamous slop, which we can confirm is even more sickening—and green—this season. (Look out next week for our first-hand account of a day locked spent in the Big Brother 13 House!)

More than 52 cameras and 95 microphones relentlessly record the Houseguests' every move, including their weekly vote to oust one of their roommates. The last remaining Houseguest receives a grand prize of $500,000. 

Following its July 7 premiere, Big Brother will be broadcast on CBS three nights a week, with the first live eviction show airing Thursday, July 14.

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