Make sure there are some tissues nearby.

The trailer for Steven Spielberg's newest film War Horse has been released, and it looks as if he is trying to make us cry.

Based on the book by Michael Morpurgo, the film stars Jeremy Irvine as Albert, a boy who's best-friend-slash-horse, Joey, is sold to the cavalry during World War I and sent into battle. Even though Albert is too young to enlist, he heads out to find his friend and bring him home, all while dealing with the dangers of war along the way.

Featuring few words and plenty of dramatic orchestra swells—nothing accentuates explosions like an orchestra—the trailer shows a glimpse of what promises to be a touching film about true friendship, bravery and hope.

War Horse gallops into theaters Dec. 28. Are you reaching for a hanky already? Let us know what you think of the trailer below.

PHOTOS: Snapped on Set

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