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Dear Ted:
Ted dear, such an embarrassing day for you. Two major articles and two major blunders. First you attempted to slam the Snow White and the Huntsman rewrite by indicating that you've read the script. There's already been a couple of rewrites of the script, sweetie. You're in Hollywood, it's a normal process. It happens. One thing we do know, Universal is making it the best movie it can be with the Oscar-nominated writer on the rewrite. As for No. 2, well, what was that you said about Rob losing out on a role to some O.C. guy who was supposed to have the part or whatever? Not true. You should really stop trying to make Rob and Kristen look bad and spend time honing your sources. You're slipping, Ted. Quitting smoking is frying your brain, sweetie.

Dear Pissed Off Philly:
Wow, dear, you'd think you were the one who quit smoking—you're even crabbier than I am! But for all that script reading you do, sweetie, it doesn't seem like your reading skills are quite up to snuff. I didn't slam SWATH, I said I was glad they're doing rewrites 'cause it's good but can be better. Maybe you want to take another read, doll? As for that R.Pattz snafu, I fessed up to it. But I didn't make one nasty jab at Rob in the whole piece—in fact, I was ticked off he didn't get the role 'cause I love the guy. Kisses, love, better luck reading the blolumn in the future!

Dear Ted:
A while back you said you were going to reveal Twyla Babe-Sucker but never did. I'm dying to know who this Twilight blind is, so please just tell us already! It is my birthday, after all!

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Dear Suck on This:
That's the thing, C, I was going to expose Miss B-S cause she was so damn boring, but then I caught goss wind that she might be returning to her tantalizing ways soon. And so I have to keep this minx monikered for now...Wouldn't want to ruin it if she decided to make a Friday appearance soon, right?

Dear Ted:
Jared Padalecki
has finally joined Twitter (with a picture of his Supernatural costar Jensen Ackles as his avatar, no less). So with his wife, BFF, and all his costars tweeting up a storm, do you think Jensen will ever cave and get a Twitter himself?

Dear Follower:
Maybe—if he sees J.P.'s take off. Which it won't, unless he finds more interesting things to tweet. Sure, we love seeing pics of him going nose-to-nose with a moose, but why is he leaving all the Speedo-clad glory to his costars instead of getting in on some of that action himself?

Dear Ted:
Do you know if Lea Michele and Dianna Agron stopped being friends? It's odd that they barely interact with each other nowadays...

Dear BFFor Now:
Di and L.M. are hardly frenemies, Ty. They're still pals but things have changed since Glee became a mega phenomenon. Sure, they were once joined at the hip, but stardom changes the sitch. And when you've got two über-talented hotties sharing the same limelight, well, occasionally things get a little bumpy.

Dear Ted:
You answered to an email yesterday made to make it look like "poor Jen" once again, with her "keep on keeping on" about what people say about her dating the new guy and all his baggage that he had—perpetuating the whole poor me thing once more. Will you stop? You are becoming the media that cycles it. Believe me, this multimillionaire who travels and has someone new hasn't cared about the press—free publicity! And, really, enough is enough with recycling the Angie hate, OK? At least she is doing good with her celebrity. I challenge you to use yours for something more positive—like reward your fans for volunteering with animals, rather than writing about fake rescues.

Dear Susie Q:
Poor Jen? Hardly, she's sipping margaritas while she rakes in millions. And that's exactly what I said. Jen doesn't care if people pity her or not, she'll keep doing what she wants 'cause she's happy with her life—who wouldn't be? And I think you must have missed the bone I threw to A.J. the other day—don't worry tho, even I was shocked to say it.

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