Lady Gaga, Evan Rachel Wood, Anna Paquin

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Since we hitched and ditched some delectable daddies yesterday, we figured we'd continue the pride fest with another round of Team Truth's fave game, and this time we've got lovely ladies at your choosing.

These aren't just any run-of-the-mill Hollywood minxes tho, the chicks today all are bisexual and damn proud of it. We'd love to play a round with some of T-town's bi-licious boys, but there don't seem to be any, so even more kudos to these brave broads.

So, guys and gals alike, who would you like to tie the knot with and who can go bye, bye, bye? Between...

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Anna Paquin, Lady Gaga and Evan Rachel Wood!

First up is Paquin who plays our fave fang banger, Sookie Stackhouse. And while the Oscar winner got hitched to her costar Stephen Moyer, thus confirming that she's forever Team Bill, she took a stand for bi chicks everywhere when she shocked folks and came out in a PSA for the Give a Damn campaign.

Then there's Lady Gaga, who isn't just a gay rights activist, but who just happens to consider herself the B in the LGBT combo. Lady Gaga told Rolling Stones magazine that she's bi and isn't afraid to get physical with lady loves. Apparently her hit tune "Poker Face" is a female fantasy song, who knew!

And last but not least is Anna's True Blood costar Evan Rachel Wood, who has seduced many a man (and vamp) on the silver screen. But in real life, ERW wins the hearts of men and women. She told Esquire this year, "I'm up for anything. Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl..."

More power to ya!

So there you have it, three très successful sirens who bat for both teams—and we adore ‘em for it! Maybe next June we'll be able to dish on some boys who've followed in these femme's footsteps, but until then...

Which lady would you love to love? And which would you just love to leave?

Awful's Bi-Babes Poll: Who Would You Ditch, Do or Marry?
Ditch: Which bi-babe would you kick to the curb?
Do: Which bi-babe would you not be able to keep your hands off of?
Marry: Which bi-babe would you lovingly call your old ball and chain?
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