Water for Elephants, Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon

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There's been plenty of buzz about what will and what won't go down tomorrow night at MTV's star studded Movie Awards—tho, mostly folks wonder if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will nab another Best Kiss Award and finally smooch onstage—but we do know one thing for sure:

Reese Witherspoon will walk home with the Generation Award for her work in a bunch of pretty good movies—including her most recent flick Water for Elephants—and lots of good PR over the years.

So we gotta wonder: Is R.W. going to make any mention about the reported abuse of her costar? And no, we're not talking about R.Pattz...

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We're talking about Tai, who played the elephant the friggin' film is named after—so you think she'd get some respect, right?


While we were originally reassured that Tai was living the easy life onset (and it seems she was), it wasn't always pachyderm playtime for the megasize movie star. Video soon hit the net showing poor Tai being shocked and bull horned at a separate training facility before filming began in order to teach her the crafty circus tricks she'd use on the big screen.

Kind of ironic, considering the film is all about exposing the cruelties of animal abuse.

At one point, R gushed to The Huff Post: "They're just the happiest animals. You can tell." And that may have been the case on the set.

Still feel that way after seeing the viral vid, babe?

And while we don't blame Reesey or any of her costars for Tai's awful treatment, she has a good opportunity to clear up what happened and, at some point or another, talk about whether her costar was harmed so that R.W. and crew could dazzle on the big screen.

And what better place to clear the air than center stage on one of the biggest nights in T-town in front of tons of her A-list peers and worldwide viewers? Reese couldn't have made these flicks alone, right, so what difference does it make if she was sharing the screen with a person or an animal?

We hope you do the right thing, Reese, instead of giggling and gushing about what an honor the award is. Hell, even Demi Moore's onboard with this one.

Cruelty is cruelty, after all.

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