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Get excited, Gleeks, another New Directions member will be stepping out into the solo spotlight this summer. Columbia Records confirmed this week that the actress will start on her album after the Glee tour ends.

Think it's an easy answer? Not so quick. Hint: despite her a-ma-zing voice, it's not our girl, Lea Michele

So who's the newest star to capitalize on Glee fame?

Naya Rivera

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

None other than New Directions side-line singer, Naya Rivera. The Glee actress behind bitchy lesbian cheerleader Santana will be joining costars Mark Salling and Matt Morrison in the solo music world.

No word on how the album will sound, but with Naya's soulful voice, we're thinking it'll be more jazzy and less dazzly than those Glee numbers.

But why Naya? Girl may be getting more Glee close-ups lately, but she's still doesn't have the airtime that Lea Michele does. And we all know that Lea's singing skills have no competition.

Well, well, looks like we'll have to wait until Glee-mania dies down before Lea walks into a recording studio alone. Back in January, Lea told E! News she couldn't juggle a hit show and a hot album.

Does that mean we have to wait until Glee is no longer for it's star to sing for us? Come on Lea, Naya's doing it! You can, too!

Or are you just being the crafty babe we adore, Lea, and saving the best (solo album) for last?

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