Alex Pettyfer, Alexander Skarsgard, James McAvoy

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It's time to take a break from baby-daddy drama and manskanks galore for some good, semi-clean fun!

Yep, that's right—another round of our fave new game: Ditch, Do or Marry! And since there have been so many foreign fellows hitting the big screen lately, we decided it's time to play with some seriously sexy imports.

So which dude and his delicious accent turn you on and which are you ready to turn off?


Alexander Skarsgård, Alex Pettyfer, and James McAvoy?

First up is AT favorite A.Skars. We've loved this steamy Swede since he first hit our boob tubes as tall, blonde vamp Eric on True Blood, and we still adore him despite his totally boring tabloid-cover relaysh with Kate Bosworth. Trust, you won't hear any complaints from us that he's doing double duty sexing up the HBO series while working on his big screen projects.

Then there's another Alex: Pettyfer. The relatively new (at least by goss standards) British bad boy made his blonde mark on T-town by appearing in a couple of tween dream sci-fi flicks and romancing Glee gal Dianna Agron. But his days as an alien and a BF are over, what with a very single Alex hitting the big screen next playing a stripper. Muy caliente!

And lastly, the only brunette to make our cut: James McAvoy.

The dude—a strapping Scottish lad—has earned his Hollywood stripes by romancing (onscreen, at least) leading ladies such as Angie Jolie, Kiera Knightly, and Christina Ricci. And we can't say we mind seeing his toned bod when he's showing off his ass-kicking abilities in Wanted or X-Men: First Class.

So—we know it's tough—but which of these fine foreigners would you want to make fireworks with and which are you ready to deport?

Imports: Who Would You Ditch, Do or Marry?
Ditch: Which import would you kick to the curb?
Do: Which import would you not be able to keep your hands off?
Marry: Which import would you lovingly call your old ball and chain?
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