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There were no armed shooters, bus crashes or brain tumors, but that doesn't mean the events of this Grey's Anatomy season finale was any less emotionally traumatic.

With jaw dropping medical maladies all season, tonight's episode hit at the emotional heart of every doc. Who became parents, who got fired and who's breaking up? Find out here:

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Pizza Versus Thai: Baby or no baby? That is the question. Cristina (Sandra Oh) insists it's not like choosing takeout but we really like that food metaphor. It is dinnertime, and we're hungry. Moving on, Cristina has a bun in the pizza oven and she doesn't want it. That's her bolded line in the sand. Of course, Owen (Kevin McKidd) wants a little baby and even has some nice things to say about their potentially huge life. This seems to be very much the Calzona baby argument of seasons past and could very well be their breaking point.

Paternalistic and Weird: OK, we're calling shenanigans on the Mark (Eric Dane) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) storyline in this episode. Mark tells Dr. Pretty Eyes that he can have Lexie. Um, she's been dating him for a good six months at least but OK, sure Mark. Despite the longing looks of last week, Lexie tells Mark to stop talking to her. Oh, and she also said she'll always love him. What a double-edged knife to our hearts. We'll admit it, earlier this year, when Shonda tweeted hope for Mark-Lexie fans, we thought we'd have to just bide our time this season for a happy season finale reunion. Apparently, that wasn't the case. Fingers crossed for next season or was the Shonda-implied timeline for the whole series? We must be gluttons for punishment. Are the writers just going to torture us with will-they-won't-they forever?

Gorked Out Lump: FYI, gorked out lump was Meredith's term not ours. But that's her argument for messing up Derek's clinical trial. She didn't want Adele (Loretta Devine) to be a lump. That is so sweet, if not mildly offensive. Fortunately for Meredith and her career, the chief (James Pickens, Jr.) didn't want Adele to be a gorked out lump either. Alas, Derek is still pissed, so Meredith soldiers on as a single mom.

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Malawi Lullaby: If you told us seven seasons ago that Meredith Grey would be bringing an adorable African baby to her mother's house, we would have sent you to the pysch ward, stat. But Meredith showing around her new Malawian baby around an oddly quiet house was pretty darn perfect.

Unaccompanied Minor: Somewhere way deep in the background was the case of the week: a plane crash that yielded one survivor. The relationship casualties of this episode were far greater in emotional impact than the deaths on the plane, but that makes us sound just a tad blasé. So, hands up if you cried when all the grieving family members stayed until the sole survivor's family arrived!

Shepherd Dream House: High on a hilltop are some nails and a wooden frame of Derek's perfect life. We think what he's forgetting is, life isn't perfect and neither is his wife. And that's the real reason Meredith is such an intriguing character, because she has those flaws. We have complete confidence that he'll remember that it's not all about a perfect blueprinted life and remember why he loves a woman who would risk everything for a friend. Maybe he'll miss a soft bed and a roof as well.

Streusel-Eating Babies: It would have been way too easy to send Teddy (Kim Raver) to Germany with Dr. Hot Trauma. When Noel Henry (Scott Foley) finally got angry and told her to get lost, she came to her senses. See boys, nice guys finish last and that's why you need to yell and be mean to get the girl. It'll be interesting to see how long he survives next season. Miraculous recovery or November-sweeps-scheduled traumatic loss?

What did you think about that wrap-up to the season? It sure wasn't a musical, but we have all summer to mull the big questions.

Will Derek come back to Meredith and baby? Are Mark and Lexie done for reals this time? Will Cristina cave and keep the baby? Was that chief resident race a real let down? Start your summer-long countdown clocks and sound off in the comments!

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