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Festival centerpiece and prime Oscar-bait buzz film, The Tree of Life, gets its day in the sun today at the Cannes Film Festival. Prestige director Terrence Malick's vision of '50s America has the festival talking, thanks to clips like the one above where Brad Pitt punches Sean Penn.

OK, so Pitt's character is merely boxing the child actor who grows up to play Penn in the film, but we thought we'd give the Fox News crowd something to get excited about. The film itself, however, seems be generating plenty of legit excitement. Hear what Pitt has to say about the movie and watch another clip on the jump.

"It would take many days to explain the film's creative process," Pitt said at today's press conference in the French seaside town. Thankfully, the handsome star went on to summarize: "The screenplay was wonderfully written, very intense, but Terrence Malik didn't want to follow it slavishly. He likes to capture the truth between the lines. That's why this film feels so fresh. On top of that, it was almost entirely shot in natural daylight."

"This film is universal," summarized Pitt. "Terrence Malick wants to speak to all cultures."

Check out the clip below, and let us know if it spoke to you in the comments section.

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