V Magazine

V Magazine

What, is there something on my face?

Lady Gaga brings new meaning to that question on V Magazine's latest cover.

Why the Italian-American superstar is featured on the Asian issue's front page beats us, but the fact that Mother Monster has morphed into a three-headed monster makes perfect sense...

The Lady's, er, main head is sans facial horns, but she's gained Japanese anime-style pigtails. (How Asian!)

Meanwhile, head No. 2 is encrusted with lots of gold bits and dark lips, and head No. 3—our personal fave—is a beautiful, colorful butterfly.

As for the rest of the "Born This Way" singer's getup, which was styled by her fashion guru Nicola Formichetti, it's a relatively tame Mugler corset bodysuit and thigh-high stockings.

Are you gaga over this new cover?

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